TV’s ‘UFO Hunters’ chasing ‘Phoenix Lights’


phoenixlights1.jpgThe History Channel series UFO Hunters is sending a crew to the Valley to investigate a March 13, 1997, incident known as the “Phoenix Lights.” On that evening, hundreds of people in the area saw something in the night sky. Some say it was a gigantic triangular craft, while others have said it was flares in a military exercise.

Do you have a story about the Phoenix Lights or another extraterrestrial experience?

You can meet the UFO Hunters team Friday at the Holiday Inn Express by Sky Harbor.

Watch the skies …

UPDATE: Thanks to Dave Pavoni at Motion Picture Production, Inc., for a correction: I erred and said the Sci Fi Channel show UFO Hunters is coming to town, but rather it is his History Channel series of the same name. My apologies and thanks!

The History Channel’s UFO Hunters is currently filming its second season. Welcome to the Valley!

Source: KPHO


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