‘Star Trek’ TV update: WGN adds ‘TNG,’ Spike spikes ‘DS9’


Star Trek The Next Generation USS Enterprise

TrekMovie.com has a fascinating look at the status of Star Trek and all its various spinoffs on the cable schedules. Notable is a chunky addition of Next Generation goodness to WGN’s lineup starting this week; the show is also on Sci Fi Channel but has been scaled back to once per week. Off the grid: Deep Space Nine, which TM says was pulled from Spike’s schedule in the fall (although I know my DVR snagged a few episodes more recently — closer to Christmas and New Year’s).

Is WGN hoping to ride the warp trail of J.J. Abrams’ surefire summer blockbuster based on the aging franchise?

As for the remastered classic series, the updated version of “The Cage” — the original pilot that was spiked by jittery network executives — will air in May, according to TM’s information.


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