ThunderCats preview: Give me ‘Sight Beyond Sight’ – and elephants


Friday’s new episode of ThunderCats on Cartoon Network explores the concept of “sight beyond sight” as young Lion-O learns that his brash actions — however well-intentioned — can have unexpected consequences.

Last week in an interview published on Wired’s GeekDad blog, I spoke with producer Michael Jelenic about Lion-O’s journey to becoming king and the reboot’s use of weekly lessons patterned after the 1980s incarnation’s own moral compass. Here’s what he said about Lion-O’s struggle to master the Sword of Omens’ awesome power of “sight beyond sight”:

It’s something that he has to learn, and only through his experience and all the encounters he has does he slowly master it. The next batch of four or five episodes focus on that theme of sight beyond sight, and the theme of seeing the bigger picture — learning how to step back and see that there is one. Right now he’s so focused on smaller aspects that he sort of makes the situation worse.

There was also an exclusive clip at GeekDad, and one here on Nerdvana as well that sparked some buzz on the Nerdvana YouTube page.

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