Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Eyes - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn closes in on Imperial leak in Star Wars Rebels

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The Ghost crew has seen better days. They’ve just said goodbye — for now — to their Mandalorian saboteur Sabine Wren, who has returned to her family home in a bid to free her people from the Empire’s yoke. Now, fearing that the identity of a valuable spy will soon be discovered, the Rebels launch a plan to rescue their inside man — code named “Fulcrum — before he is caught.

Seriously, Palpatine’s regime has sprung more leaks than the Trump administration … but the Empire is doubling down on the crisp white uniforms of absolute authority.

A familiar personage from the original Death Star conference room, Colonel Yularen, is brought in to lend his expertise to the spy hunt by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

(Is this the same man who was Admiral Yularen on all those Clone Wars missions backing up Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano? Maybe we’ll find out. Maybe not. Stay tuned!)

As for Thrawn, the cerebral artistic and tactical military genius with blue skin and red eyes also gets physical when he returns in “Imperial Eyes,” a new episode of Star Wars Rebels, 8:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific this Saturday on Disney XD.

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