Think this is the Samurai you remember? You don’t know Jack …

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We’ve known for a while know that Samurai Jack will be returning to the delight of animated action fans everywhere. Today, we get some long-awaited details about the new season, as well as a promotional image giving us our first look at the time-warped hero in a long time. He doesn’t look happy.

First promo art from Genndy Tartakovsky’s new “Samurai Jack” debuted at #annecyfestival

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Whose blood do we think that is drenching the master swordsman?

We still don’t know much, but according to the Toonami Faithful fansite, we can expect the reboot to pick up five decades after the end of Samurai Jack’s fourth season, and is expected to wrap up the ronin’s tale over 10 half-hour episodes that form one, five-hour movie. Returning creator Genndy Tartakovsky is not expected to carry on once the new season is over.

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