‘The Simpsons’ honor Michael Jackson


simp_bartsingle08_fSo The Simpsons on Sunday night got into the act of honoring Michael Jackson — who, you might have heard, died on Thursday.

The venerable primetime cartoon didn’t air the 1991 episode in which Jackson — uncredited — provided the voice of an obese white man who was institutionalized because he thought he was Michael Jackson. Instead, it aired the planned encore episode “Wedding for Disaster,” but replaced the opening couch gag segment with the 1990 rap music video “Do the Bartman” — which references Jackson several times. This was followed by a dedication to Jackson, with an image of the character he voiced in the aforementioned episode.

Fox intends to further honor the King of Pop on Monday with an encore of the Jackson-themed American Idol episode from the past season, in which the top 13 contestants performed songs such as “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Black or White,” “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” “Remember The Time” and the seminal “Beat It.”

Update: Fox showed the 1991 Jacko episode of The Simpsons on July 5, the Sunday preceding the pop star’s funeral.

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