Supergirl Laura Vandervoort returns to ‘Smallville’

Laura Vandervoort
Laura Vandervoort (CW, via EW)

Fans of CW’s Smallville will get to see some old familiar faces return for the Superman prequel’s 10th and final season — and at least one character will be saying goodbye a bit earlier than the rest.

Laura Vandervoort, who shined as Clark’s Kryptonian cousin Kara Zor-El in Season 7 before leaving the show apart from a brief guest apperance the following year, will be back for one episode this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports. Also returning to the farm: John Schneider, who played the now-deceased Jonathan Kent.

Leaving the show’s regular cast will be Allison Mack, who plays computer whiz Chloe Sullivan. Despite a determined fan campaign to keep the character around, she will only be appearing in a few episodes, according to Airlock Alpha.

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