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Stargate Origins to explore Catherine Langford’s adventures in new streaming series

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Stargate is back.

Twenty years after Stargate SG-1 redefined sci-fi on TV, a new prequel series is coming as early this year to explore the story’s forgotten beginnings.

Stargate Origins will go back to the alien artifact’s unearthing in 1928 with Catherine Langford, who appeared in both the 1994 Stargate film that started it all and the Showtime, then Syfy, series that followed.

“Young Catherine embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness,” according to an MGM statement about the series, unveiled (along with a teaser video) Thursday at a 20th anniversary SG-1 panel at San Diego Comic Con International.

And this isn’t a reboot, as we’ve heard is coming for the big screen, but rather a prequel that builds upon the existing canon of SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.

Stargate Origins logoMGM’s Stargate Origins will unfold over 10 episodes on a new, subscription-based dedicated streaming platform called Stargate Command — not unlike how Star Trek: Discovery will be native to CBS All Access rather than traditional television.

Stargate Command, launching this fall, will not just be the exclusive home of Origins but will also be, according to MGM, “the destination for the most comprehensive collection of STARGATE content ever offered in one place,” and will go behind the scenes of the new series.

According to the venerable and reliable GateWorld, the 10 Origins episodes will each run about 10 minutes, together comprising a TV movie-length presentation. You can get more details about the show’s directors and writers from their report.

Back to the beginning

The gate has been closed for more than six years, when Stargate Universe ended (although it recently picked up again with the comic series “Back to Destiny”). If you need to start at the beginning, you can look up the original feature film, or check out its follow-up, SG-1’s pilot episode “Children of the Gods,” for free on YouTube this week to celebrate that show’s 20th anniversary.

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