Starfleet design, out-of-this-world art animate Star Trek: Discovery title sequence

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Just ahead of Sunday night’s series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS and CBS All Access, the new show’s title sequence has been revealed officially online.

It’s a watercolory blend of Ralph McQuarrie-inspired starship concept art (in one of our clearest looks at the Discovery herself so far), iconic hardware schematics, Vitruvian Man-style anatomical study and astro-biological nature illustration, and Creation of Adam-style heavenly hand contact — all set against composer Jeff Russo’s previously revealed main title theme.

It seems suitably inspiring to me, and I can’t wait to see what comes after it. It has visual vibes from Enterprise, without the downhome “Where My Heart Will Take Me”/”Faith of the Heart” twang that made that other prequel’s opening titles so infamous among Trekkers.

The first two episodes become available Sunday night on CBS All Access, with the rest of the season’s first half running through November and the second half starting up again in January.

But what do you think of the Discovery title sequence? Let us know below!

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