‘Simpsons’ in HD, with a revamped intro


As seen on TV Week, Sunday’s new episode of The Simpsons, entitled “Take My Life, Please,” will mark the series’ debut in HD — and it will include the first full, permanent update of the famous opening title sequence since its premiere in 1989.

What do you think?

I like it. If a show must go on for longer than 20 years, a remastered title sequence, at least, is a must. The rest is gravy, but it’s good gravy: Seeing Maggie confront her hirsute nemesis in the checkout line; Sideshow Bob taking a swipe at Bart with a machete as he skates by; and poor Apu standing on the sidewalk with the Nahasapeemapetilon octuplets.

The new title sequence remains true to the old one while reminding you just how many characters and stories there have been — and it’s always cool to see more of Springfield and its colorful residents.

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