‘Shat’ My Dad Says?


We’ve known for a while that CBS is adapting for television a certain profanity-laced Twitter phenomemon created by a boomerang child about the observations of his septuagenarian father.

William ShatnerNow we know who will play the foul-mouthed old coot: William Shatner (pictured), the original Capt. James T. Kirk of Star Trek, as well as T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal and all those cooky “Priceline Negotiator” commercials.

It’s inspired casting, and it’s not hard to imagine the show working despite the prodigious drop-off in dirty words for a primetime television audience. It’s also not hard to imagine it flaming out pretty quick, just like those GEICO cavemen a couple years back.

There’s another Trek connection here. While the father-son feed has well over a million followers, there is only one person it follows: LeVar Burton, who played USS Enterprise chief engineer Georgie La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

And Burton, the former host of public television’s Reading Rainbow, had some pilot news of his own to share this week over Twitter:

“It’s official! Just closed a deal to star in a pilot for NBC called The Jensen Project.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and GeekDad

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