Robotech SDF-1 space fortress lands at winter toy show

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The SDF-1 holds a special place in my childhood memories. I had a die cast, non-transforming version when I was a kid, as well as a semi-transforming cheap plastic dime-store knockoff. Both were my favorite toys.

KitzConcept has the license to produce Robotech mecha, and they’ve been turning heads with their line of “super-deformed” Veritech mecha such as the blue “Max Sterling” model below — as well as a 1:2000 scale SDF-1. They were exhibited recently at the December ToySoul trade show in Hong Kong.

Mecha of all kinds, including bootlegs, flooded flea markets and mall toy stores in the ’80s. The SDF (Super Dimensional Fortress) color scheme of this new, official version isn’t American Robotech TV-accurate (I can’t speak to the original Macross), but is pretty darn close to the dime-store version of the ship I mentioned. And it makes a gorgeous collectible toy at any size. But bigger is better! I’ve just got to get a closer look.

Robotech, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary year, is available again on streaming services such as Netflix, Crackle and Amazon Prime Video.

Robotech SDF-1

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