Olivia Munn reports on Arizona’s other ‘race’ problem


Olivia MunnI try not to get too political here on Nerdvana — after all, geeks come from all ideologies and political parties. They’re all right, and they know it.

But I can’t let this one pass without a mention. Recently Olivia Munn, the new “senior Asian correspondent” on Comedy Central’s Daily Show, came to town to report on the seeming contradiction between a lawmaker’s support for the controversial illegal immigration law and his belief that the use of speed cameras to enforce highway safety is unconstitutional.

As Munn adroitly sums up the absurdity during the interview: “Speeding is probable cause to check immigration status, but speeding is not probable cause to give you a ticket for … speeding.”

My blog doesn’t like Comedy Central’s embedded video format, so here’s a not-as-cool link to the video on the show’s page: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-july-8-2010/arizona-s-photo-radar

The beautiful Munn has certainly earned her geek cred in the trenches of G4’s Attack of the Show, co-hosting the program and sharing much goofy chemistry with Kevin Pereira. But with her extended detachment to The Daily Show and other projects such as a book, a role in Iron Man 2 and a pilot for NBC, it seems like it won’t be long until we hear that she’s “attacked” her last “show” on G4.

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