Olivia Munn is ‘Perfect’


Atack of the Show” co-host and geek “it” girl Olivia Munn could be making the jump from cable to network television. She’s landed a role in the pilot for the NBC sit-com “Perfect Couples.” The show will follow three couples, each working on their own unique relationship.

Munn says the decision on picking up the show will be made in May. But even if the show goes into production, she wants to continue with her duties on “AotS” for as long as possible.

May seems like it will be a big month for Ms. Munn, since in addition to her television show, she’ll also be appearing on the silver screen in one of the summer’s biggest movies, “Iron Man 2“. This is certain to increase her geek-cred. Not that she needs it though. With her strong internet presence, willingness to dress up in assorted nerdy costumes and earnest appreciation for her fans, she’s already got quite the loyal army of supporters.

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Chris Adams
Chris Adams is a founding contributor of Nerdvana.