‘Mr. Bean’ creator to pen ‘Doctor Who’ episode

Richard Curtis

The British screenwriter behind some of the most successful romantic comedies (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, Love Actually) as well as some of the most raucus British sitcoms (Mr. Bean, Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley) will write an episode of Doctor Who.

Award winner Richard Curtis is also the founder of Comic Relief, a charity organization founded to raise awareness of hunger in Africa. Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson appeared as one incarnation of the Doctor in the 1999 Comic Relief sketch “The Curse of Fatal Death,” and his Blackadder co-star Tim McInnerny appeared in season four’s Planet of the Ood.

According to The Doctor Who News Page, Curtis’ Doctor Who script, which will air during Matt Smith’s upcoming first season in the lead role, will involve a historical figure fighting a monster.

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