Monday TV: Adventures in archaeology


Cast of the History Channel series Digging for the Truth

“Digging for the Truth” starts a new season tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how this favorite History Channel show holds up after losing its founding host, Josh Bernstein, to a desk job at The Discovery Channel. Bernstein brought a down-to-Earth attitude to TV archaeology that really defined the series.

The new guy, Hunter Ellis (second from right in photo), should be able to handle the stress of far-flung deployments, though; his bio calls him an ex-Navy fighter jock with more than 10 years of military service, including two Middle East deployments, more than 2,000 flight hours and 433 carrier landings.Bernstein is an archer. Do they even make those anymore?

At least we know that if any mummies get out of line this guy can call in an airstrike. That’s better than arrows.

Here and there ...

Jayson Peters
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