Mark Gatiss bringing Ice Warriors back to Doctor Who this year

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Mark Gatiss is writing an Ice Warriors episode for Doctor Who’s 10th season.

Calling the Martian militants one of his favorite monsters, the English actor/comedian/novelist/screenwriter and Sherlock co-producer describes his 2017 contribution as “a kind of Jules Verne/Edgar Rice Burroughs story of derring-do which I’ve always loved, but it has a new twist: there is a new Ice Warrior in it — a new kind of Ice Warrior.”

A longtime writer of Doctor Who novels and Big Finish audio dramas, Gatiss’ last contribution to televised Who was last season’s “Sleep No More,” which may see a sequel in the future. He also wrote Series 7’s “Cold War,” featuring an Ice Warrior on a Soviet submarine encountered by Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

The coming 10th series, set for an April premiere, will be the last for current star and Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, who announced Monday he was leaving the role in this year’s Christmas special.

The Ice Warriors first faced the Doctor in his second incarnation (Patrick Troughton) in 1967’s episode The Ice Warriors.

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