Lucas, ‘Clone Wars’ in NYT



As The Clone Wars draws ever nearer, The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff profiles George Lucas — who is now apparently “Free to Follow His Heart Right Back to ‘Star Wars'” (if you can still call it Star Wars).

The article includes a slideshow of concept art tracing the visual evolution of the Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress.

I’ll admit that I’ve been harshing on The Clone Wars a bit of late. I still don’t like the whole “Jedi rescuing Jabba the Hutt’s son” story arc for the pilot theatrical film. But I have to say it will be grand to welcome Star Wars to regular television anyway. And it’s definitely cool that they’ve got returning voice talent like Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee and Anthony Daniels.

The Clone Wars premieres in August in theaters, then hops to Cartoon Network on Friday nights this fall.

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Scott Kirchhofer
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