The future, Conan?


conan_darkNBC appears to be giving Jay Leno his old time lot back. Celebrity news site TMZ reports that the comedian, whose primetime show has lagged in the ratings, may split the late night spot with Conan O’Brien (pictured), who succeeded him as host of The Tonight Show last year. So far, though, execs are keeping mum about the freakishly tall and red-haired former writer from Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

So where does this leave Conan? He, too, has struggled to win over audiences. But his fans — though fewer in number — are typically far more loyal than Leno’s. And cooler, in my opinion. After all, Conan has “Pierre Bernard’s Recliner of Rage!”

If Conan loses his job, I’m sure he’ll find a new home quickly, as a colleague assured me. But it will be just another backward step for NBC when the old-school networks should be moving forward with fresh ideas and new faces.

Check this link for the latest information in the ongoing LenO’Brien saga.

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