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cobracommandersIf, like me, and you are less than thrilled with the idea of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Cobra Commander in the upcoming summer blockbuster G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, you might want to point your browser or DVR toward Adult Swim this week. That’s because they’ll be airing an animated special called G.I. Joe: Resolute that is closer to old-school Joe, with more of a PG-13 spin on the action.

Adult Swim’s description:

“Cobra embarks on a series of devastating attacks that shocks the world and changes the status quo of the Joe team forever.”

The hourlong story is broken into 10 five-minute webisodes and one 10-minute finale, and they’ll air together at midnight Saturday (April 25, ending early Sunday, April 26) on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block.

It’s written by British comic book author, novelist and TV writer Warren Ellis, who went into it knowing nothing about G.I. Joe — and that’s what producer Sam Register (Transformers: Animated) wanted: someone to reinvent the iconic combat-oriented cartoon.

Ellis has definitely put his own stamp on the characters, if his blog is to be believed:

quotemarks“Two probably-beloved characters die in the first five minutes. Snake-Eyes gets to impale someone while travelling at a hundred miles an hour. Cobra Commander isn’t very funny any more. Although, really, given that his uniform includes wearing a bag over his head, there are limits to how unfunny he can be at any given time.”

Veteran Justice League director Joaquim Dos Santos directed Resolute.

Now you know — and knowing is half the battle!

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