Doctor Who Series 10 World Enough and Time

Day of the Master? Doctor Who series finale looks loaded with evildoers

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It looks like Missy’s going to play Doctor!

The teaser for “World Enough and Time,” the first part of the Doctor Who Series 10 finale, looks bananas, with the female renegade Time Lord (Michelle Gomez) apparently being aggressively rehabilitated, just in time for the Master’s previous incarnation to show up somehow — along with the original Cybermen of Mondas.

After Saturday’s episode, “The Eaters of Light,” aired in the U.K. the BBC also released the above teaser image showing the recent incarnations of the Master, Gomez and John Simm (no Derek Jacobi), looming over Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in an image evocative of the 50th anniversary “Day of the Doctor” episode’s teaser art, which featured Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant along with the War Doctor, the late John Hurt.

Day of the DoctorThat’s only slightly ominous … What are they trying to say?

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