Rifftrax Live Doctor Who The Five Doctors

‘Five Doctors’ get Riffed out of time by MST3K crew

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The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are tuning their Time-Space Visualizers to the TARDIS for a Rifftrax Live event skewering Doctor Who’s 1983 20th-anniversary special, “The Five Doctors.”

Tickets go on sale April 13 for the Aug. 17 and 24 events.

No doubt among the comedic fodder these nonpareil parodists will employ is the fact that one of the first five Time Lords, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, barely appears in the program, and that’s just because they lifted footage from an unfinished episode to conceal his lack of participation. … First Doctor William Hartnell had passed away long before “The Five Doctors,” so he is portrayed by stand-in Richard Hurndall, who was given a larger role due to Baker’s balking.

If you’ve never seen “The Five Doctors,” or need a refresher, here’s a synopsis:

Someone is taking the Doctor’s past selves out of time and space, placing them in a vast wilderness – a battle arena with a sinister tower at its center. As the various incarnations of the Doctor join forces, they learn they are in the Death Zone on their home world of Gallifrey, fighting Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti and a devious Time Lord Traitor who is using the Doctor and his companions to discover the ancient secrets of Rassilon, the first and most powerful ruler of Gallifrey. Join Mike, Kevin and Bill as they join the Five Doctors for one of the most thrilling Doctor Who adventures ever!

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