Conan’s superhero gets his own cartoon, action figure


Conan O’Brien was excited Monday to discover that the superhero he created with DC animator Bruce Timm, dubbed the Flaming C, has been animated into Warner Bros. cartoon Young Justice.

What’s more, custom designer and toy sculptor Paul Pape has created an action figure for the Flaming C as well. Pape has stated on his blog that he shipped the figure to O’Brien’s studio with the hopes that it may wind up in the late night talk show host’s hands.

O’Brien’s crime fighting alter ego sports a belt to hold his blackberry, a steaming oven mit on one hand and a jai alai glove on the other, fishnet stockings, socks with garters and loafers. On his chest, the emblem of a flaming letter “C.”

Conan airs weeknights at midnight Arizona time on TBS.

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