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Thoughts on the voice actors for Netflix’s Castlevania anime

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The voice cast for the highly anticipated Netflix original anime Castlevania was announced Wednesday. According to Polygon, Richard Armitage will voice the role of primary protagonist Trevor Belmont. Armitage is famous for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in the recent Hobbit trilogy.

Since the game was originally built upon the “defeat Dracula and save the world” premise, it makes since that more characters should be included in the film and more plot points will be fleshed out as the show progresses. Personally, I think Armitage will bring an interesting and unique flavor to the role of Trevor. With his deep, powerful vocals, I can easily imagine him in the role of our favorite vampire hunter.

Previously, Trevor Belmont has had a voice in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness and the Lords of Shadow games (which exist outside of the normal continuity). In each of these, the role was brief, but effective. The voice is always characterized by a deep, powerful and commanding tone, which you can check out for yourself here (Curse of Darkness) and here (Lords of Shadow, filled with spoilers).

I like the idea of casting Matt Frewer in a role, especially since I’m a big fan of his work on Max HeadroomHoney I Shrunk the Kids and The Stand. His voice is immediately recognizable and it will be treat to hear him in the series. I am also curious as to what his role of The Bishop is all about. The other new character of The Elder, will be played by Tony Amendola, best known his role in Stargate SG-1 as a member of an alien race.

The other choices are quite promising as well, with Emily Swallow as Lisa Tepes, Alucard’s mother (and unique to this project). If her recent work on Supernatural is any indication, she is going to bring great life and depth to this role. I haven’t heard much from the voice of Sypha Belnades, Alejandra Reynoso, but after listening to a few voice clips online, I can say that she sounds exactly how I’ve always heard Sypha in my own head. This is exciting news and has me looking forward to the show even more than I already was.

Other roles in the Castlevania anime include James Callis (Battlestar Galactica) as Alucard and Graham McTavish (Outlander) as Dracula himself.

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