BoJack Horseman returning for Season 4

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I am not a TV person. In the past year, I’ve watched a handful of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The White Rabbit Project and Futurama episodes as well as a few documentaries: The Dying of the Light, Plimpton, The Devil & Daniel Johnston, Rush: Time Stands Still, The Compleat Al and Walking with Dinosaurs, to name a few. It takes me forever to watch an entire series. My idea of binge-watching means viewing a second episode in one week.

So, to find a series I not only enjoy, but actually watch from beginning to end is difficult. I’m really more of a music and video game guy (but my readers already know that, I’m sure). Anyhow, I discovered BoJack Horseman a few months ago and was hooked from episode one.

The Netflix show takes place in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist in a typical society structure. The titular character, BoJackHorseman – in addition to being a horse man – is the semi-retired star of a successful ’90s TV show, “Horsin’ Around.” (Will Arnett is the man behind the horse’s mouth.)

The show follows Bojack as he attempts to write a memoir, pursue a lead role in a movie about his hero, Secretariat, and to find meaning in his life. With a supporting cast of his former girlfriend/agent, Princess Carolyn (a pink cat), Todd (a man who lives on Bojack’s couch), his human ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen and her fiance (later husband), Mr. Peanutbutter (a golden labrador), Bojack sort of finds his way through life complications, relationships and his own sense of self. It’s engaging, bizarre, hysterical and irreverent.

The show is also well written. Things that were set up in season one paid off in season three. I haven’t seen that kind of foreshadowing pay off so well in some time. So, it is exciting to learn that — just as I discovered the show — a new season is arriving on Sept. 8. Be sure to check it out, although I never recommend binge-watching to anyone.

UPDATE: Watch the BoJack Horseman Season 4 trailer:

Next up on my list: Glow, followed by Stranger Things. Perhaps, one day, I’ll catch up the Defenders.

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