BBC America to debut new ‘Doctor Who’ run in U.S. next year


446productionFollowing success with this year’s Doctor Who specials and the Torchwood miniseries “Children of Earth,” BBC America has decided to keep things rolling and pick up the first-run rights to the upcoming fifth season of Who.

BBC America has shown Doctor Who for several years, but a pre-existing deal gave Sci Fi Channel Syfy first airing rights in the U.S. That arrangement recently expired, and BBC America got to host the Stateside premiere of the recent specials that have taken the place of a full season in 2009.

The new episodes will air here shortly after they air across the pond in 2010.

For American fans, it means a quicker turnaround after the episodes premiere in their native U.K. — but it likely also means subscribing to a more expensive higher tier of cable service.

In long-standing Who tradition, Matt Smith (pictured) will take over the role of the ever-changing Time Lord from David Tennant at the end of this year’s Christmas special.

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