‘Battlestar’ is back in the game



I won’t go into much detail about the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica — my colleague Albert Ching has already done that over at Channel Surfing — but it bears mentioning that SCI FI Fridays are back with a vengeance! BG is back, and starting next Friday U.S. viewers will get their first glimpse at the BBC’s Sarah Jane Adventures, a spinoff of perennial sci-fi favorite Doctor Who.

And that show begins its four season on SCI FI the Friday after that with new co-star Catherine Tate (April 18) — then we’ll have a hell of a night to geek out shamelessly.

As for BG, the startling return of Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and its ramifications are still a mystery, but this much is clear: it’s going to be one frakkin’ good ride. If she’s not a Cylon, and she’s not herself (as the pristine new Viper she flew in on would seem to attest), then what is she? And why can she “feel” the way to Earth?