‘Battlestar’ is back in the game



I won’t go into much detail about the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica — my colleague Albert Ching has already done that over at Channel Surfing — but it bears mentioning that SCI FI Fridays are back with a vengeance! BG is back, and starting next Friday U.S. viewers will get their first glimpse at the BBC’s Sarah Jane Adventures, a spinoff of perennial sci-fi favorite Doctor Who.

And that show begins its four season on SCI FI the Friday after that with new co-star Catherine Tate (April 18) — then we’ll have a hell of a night to geek out shamelessly.

As for BG, the startling return of Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and its ramifications are still a mystery, but this much is clear: it’s going to be one frakkin’ good ride. If she’s not a Cylon, and she’s not herself (as the pristine new Viper she flew in on would seem to attest), then what is she? And why can she “feel” the way to Earth?

Here and there ...

Scott Kirchhofer
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