‘Battlestar Galactica: No Exit’ — It’s all coming together


Well, well, well … Spoilers head if you aren’t up to date on Battlestar Galactica. There is much to discuss.

So, Ellen Tigh wasn’t the final Cylon after all. Not even close.

First, a brief recap from Friday’s episode, “No Exit”: Sam Anders needs brain surgery after being shot during the Gaeta-Zarek coup, but before he goes under the knife he REMEMBERS, man. Everything. He remembers working with the other members of the Final Five on “Earth” to achieve resurrection and try to get to the Twelve Colonies to warn them to play nice with their Cylons, the “Toasters.” But it was too late for that, and the skinjobs convinced the metal Colonial Cylons to end their war with the humans so they could pool their resources and share their secrets.

Chief Tyrol (for it IS Chief again, at last) has his hands full elsewhere: Galactica is coming apart at the seams, and just when the problem looks manageable, it gets even worse. He thinks he can save the Old Girl with an organic substance from the Cylon Basestar that will patch the cracks, but Admiral Adama won’t hear of it. Eventually he relents, but the problem got me thinking: Do the cracks have anything to do with the Cylon signal that had Saul Tigh saying: “It’s in the frakkin’ ship!”?

Intercut with all this is what we’ve been waiting for since Ellen was identified as a Cylon: Her resurrection, delivered in meaty flashbacks that begin at her rebirth following her death on New Caprica. To be honest, she was the opposite of what I expected her to be: a sweet, caring woman who wants to make things right, as opposed to the Lady Macbeth of the Twelve Colonies we met in Season 1. I sort of figured she’d be a female version of Cavill — ruthless, manipulative — but she may end up being his redemption. Cavill was One because he was the first skinjob designed by Ellen and the others in the Final Five (or should it be First Five?), and rather like Data and his evil older brother Lore in Star Trek: The Next Generation, his imperfections are obvious. But Ellen would be Cavill’s victim instead of his potential savior if the Sharon Eight hadn’t intervened and spirited her away at the last minute.

And speaking of the Eights: We now know there was a Seven: “Daniel,” an artistic boy who was obviously Ellen’s favorite and therefore incurred Cavill’s wrath. Supposedly, the entire line of Sevens were destroyed, but I couldn’t help feel that his artistic penchant and Starbucks’ own talents are too convenient to be a coincidence. I agree with TV Tyrant’s Amy that there is some connection between our spunky blond Viper pilot and the blond girl seen in the hybrid research facility in the “Razor” TV movie. An offspring of David? As for the name, SyFy Portal has an interesting look back at Daniels we’ve met in previous episodes who could fit the bill.

There are only five episodes left, and it feels like where finally frakkin’ getting somewhere. The Battlestar’s infirmities underscore that to everything, there is an ending — something fans will very soon need to grapple with.

Here and there ...

Scott Kirchhofer
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