iPhones are for sissies, I want this!


Digital Tattoo Interface

Digital Tattoo Interface! At this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition, Jim Mielke demonstrated a Bluetooth cell phone, complete with video display, that’s powered by the body’s own blood supply. The device is embedded between the skin and muscle and connected to an artery and a vein. Glucose and oxygen in the blood power the device, just as they power the organic parts of the body.

The device is unobtrusive until activated. Then the light sensitive material that makes up the tattoo changes from clear to black and the display appears. When you’re done using it, turn it off and it disappears again.
It seems like you could download the design for any tattoo of that size you’d like and change it at a whim or have nothing at all show up (handy for job interviews!). Throw some internet access and maybe a couple of games on that sucker and you can sign me up right now. Heck, I’d even use AT&T as a service provider for such a sweet phone as this.

It’s no flying car, but this is proof positive that the mythical “future” we all grew up hearing about and looking forward to is getting ever closer. And I, for one, am going to welcome it with open arms (complete with embedded cell phones in them).

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