When I was a kid, we had to play with ACTUAL Legos


Lego Indy PosterImage from GameSpot

I thought the Star Wars video games set in the Lego universe were as cool as it could get, but I was wrong! Lego Indiana Jones AND Lego Batman are on the way to game consoles as well. Lego Indy will feature adventures from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade. While Lego Batman will put you in the Caped Crusader’s (or Robin’s!) shoes facing down Gotham’s nastiest villlians.

GameTrailers has trailers for both Batman and Indiana Jones up. Lego Indy will be hitting stores first, on June 3rd. Lego Batman is scheduled for a 4th quarter release. Just one more thing to add to the Christmas wish list. Lego Harley Quinn alone is enough to ensure a pre-order for me.

If licensed properties aren’t your thing, Lego Universe is also on the horizon. Early reports claim it’s going to be a massively multi-player online game. I have many fond memories of sitting around with a group of friends, constructing any number of great things; the prospect of being able to do that online is intriguing to say the least. Again, GameTrailers has an early video of the game. Rumor has it that you’ll be able to purchase a real Lego version of anything you build in the game. That feature alone could make Lego Universe one of the coolest games ever. I’ll be watching the progress of this one with a keen eye, you can be sure.

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