Transformers want to hack your computer


bf6c_transformers_usb_accessoriesHey, remember the Eighties? Specifically, those awesome mini-cassette Transformers that were the minions of Decepticon communications officer Soundwave, the blue baddie who transformed into a boombox? Somehow, they were the coolest toys in the line because they were life-size, if you didn’t think of them as the full-size tapes that were the music medium of the day. Mine went everywhere with me, in real micro-cassette cases.

Well this, my friends, is better.

ThinkGeek is selling USB drives that transform into Tigatron and Jaguar, and USB laser mice that turns into the Dinobot Grimlock and his evil counterpart Trypticon.

The mice are priced at $59.99 and the USB keys cost $42.99. I think the thumb drives are cooler, anyway. Who needs another mouse? And shouldn’t it transform into, I don’t know — a mouse?

Either way, it’s better than that humping dog USB device they’ve been selling.

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