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Toys R Us making a comeback?

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By Melissa Zaremba

PHOENIX – Toys R Us is making a comeback, but with some changes.

The company is rebranding with the name Geoffrey’s Toy Box after going out of business last year.

Kroger is partnering with Geoffrey and plans to have about 600 new pop-up toy shops. The shops will carry 35 toys from the six Toys R Us brands such as Imaginarium, Journey Girls, and Just Like Home.

To make sure that the company will rise to success, they plan to embrance the experience that both parents and kids value. The stores may host gaming tournaments and designate play areas. In fact, they may even charge admission to have access to parts of the store.

In addition, there are plans to offer a toy club that will be a paid membership. The membership could possibly give parents the perks of being able to return toys their child has outgrown and upgrade them to ones that fit their current age group.

The company is hoping to be ready in time for the upcoming hoilday season.

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