Tigh one on: ‘BSG’s’ final Cylon set to make her comeback

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Ellen Tigh, the final Cylon

“You will know the truth.” That’s the promise we keep getting from the weekly Battlestar Galactica previews on the Sci Fi Channel, even after the ragtag Colonial fleet discovered a scorched Earth and learned the identity of the fifth and final humanoid Cylon: Lady Macbeth in Space herself, Ellen Tigh.

Well, if those previews are to be believed, we’ll get our first glimpse of the resurrected Mrs. Tigh in this Friday’s episode, titled “No Exit.” But just in case the truth was a lie and there are more “skinjobs” out there, you can protect yourself with the Cylon Detector app, now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store for $1.99.

The Cylon Detector app lets iPhone or iPod touch users simply snap a picture of the suspected Cylon, or using a stored image from the “Photos” section, select either “Scan Male” or “Scan Female” and testing will commence. In just moments, the subject’s face will appear in a classic Battlestar Galactica scene along with the verdict: “CYLON” or “HUMAN.” Once you “know the truth,” you can save the results, send them to a friend or download them to a computer.

Of course, it was never really clear whether Dr. Baltar’s Cylon detector from the show’s first season actually worked … so buyer beware.

Also launching today is a free SCIFIWIRE.com application that will let users see all their favorite content from the news blog, which launched as a separate site last month.

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