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Nintendo returns to VR gaming with DIY Labo kit

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It only took 25 years, but virtual reality is finally returning to Nintendo! The recent announcement of the Nintendo Labo VR kit from Nintendo is an exciting development for an already superb system — the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Labo VRThe new Labo kit retails for $79.99 and boasts numerous features, as outlined by Nintendo:

Introducing the most immersive, robust Nintendo Labo kit to date — this one combines DIY fun, pass-and-play multiplayer, and family-friendly play with simple, shareable VR gaming. It even includes a programming tool you can use to create your very own VR games and experiences! Feel your creations come to life as you and your family blast through an alien invasion, create 3D works of art, dive into an oceanic photo safari, soar atop a bird, and go wherever else your imagination takes you.

Virtual reality is a tricky thing and it’s exciting to see Nintendo jump into the deep end with the technology. The Verge recently put together a detailed report on the product and, as Gizmodo says, it looks like it has some potential. We will just have to wait and see.

As a fan of stories like Ready Player One and Snow Crash, seeing virtual reality move closer to something much more immersive is an interesting experience. Virtual reality on the Nintendo Switch is just another stop along the journey.

Update: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will each have different levels of compatibility with the Labo VR kit, according to Nintendo.

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