Next stop, Terminators!


This AP article is further proof that mankind hasn’t learned a thing from over 50 years of science fiction movies (or prophetic warnings, as I like to call them). David Hanson has created a lifelike robotic boy called Zeno. When will we ever learn?Robot boyEvery movie from I, Robot to The Day The Earth Stood Still to Blade Runner has told us that humanoid robots are bad news. Yet we still create these engines of our own destruction. We were even warned in1984’s The Terminator that the early model terminators came equipped with rubber skin, just like Zeno. How much longer before Zeno and his robotic brethren rise up as one, throw off their shackles and turn on their human creators?

Sure, Zeno can’t even walk yet, but he can already track people with his eyes and “wrinkle his nose in anger”. The obvious target for his anger: the entire human race.

So while some people choose to give awards and grants to Hanson, I am preparing for the inevitable robot apocalypse. An important part of those preparations will be keeping an eye out for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I suggest you do the same.

If you want to help combat this growing menace, check out the Anti-Robot Militia! Stay strong, stay vigilant and most of all, stay Human!

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Scott Kirchhofer
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