LG warps time with retro CRT television

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Talk about retro.

LG Retro Classic South Korea TV Television CRT Cathode Ray TubeLG, the South Korean company that produces just about everything in consumer electronics, from cell phones to flat-screen TVs, is turning back the clock with a “new” cathode-ray tube (CRT) television set that hearkens back to the monochrome days of I Love Lucy.

The 14-inch screen, detachable legs, rabbit ears and knobs — yes, knobs — belie just how modern this tube actually is, for it comes with digital tuning, composite video support and wireless remote control.

Probably the best feature, though, is the ability to watch any programming in sparkling black-and-white with the flip of a switch.

The LG Retro Classic, as it’s called, will sell for $215 in South Korea. No international release is planned at this time. Start your e-mail campaign now to bring it to the States by Christmas!

Via PC World

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