Help me Wolf Blitzer – you’re my only hope!


Forget the election and CNN’s “Magic Wall” — did you see this?

The journalistic value of such a tool is debatable, but CNN rolled out some pretty impressive 3-D hologram tech on Election Night. In the clip above, veteran anchorman Wolf Blitzer in New York carries on a real-time conversation with reporter Jessica Yellin in Chicago “via hologram.” It’s a feat of technical wizardry that takes dozens of cameras and computers to pull off. And Yellin bears no small resemblance to Princess Leia’s plaintive recording in Star Wars: “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi — you’re my only hope!”

Also playing with the expensive new toy was CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who used it to communicate with Barack Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am. For some reason. (Link) Databank Darth Sidious Emperor Palpatine Hologram

Let’s just make sure our leaders don’t get into the habit of donning Sith robes and using the technology to issue nefarious orders to their apprentices. I’d have a bad feeling about that.


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