Apparently Farmville IS good for something


Well, it’s official. Facebook has dethroned Google as king of the Internet. According to Hitwise, an Internet traffic tracking site, last week Facebook was the most popular destination on the web. The social networking site accounted for 7.07% of all traffic, compared to Google’s 7.03%.

This news is especially surprising given the speed at which Facebook has grown in popularity. As of this time last year, it was only generating just over 2%. It seems the rampant growth of social media games like Farmville and Mafia Wars are providing a serious boost to Facebook.

Though this is only one source and other trackers may score the traffic differently, it’s clear that Facebook is heading to the top of the Internet hill. It looks like the exponential increase in traffic is beginning to flatten out though. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this level of popularity or if they’ll be the next Myspace.

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Chris Adams
Chris Adams is a founding contributor of Nerdvana.