Arizona state police files compromised again



This is getting embarrassing.

Not even a week after the Arizona Department of Public Safety suffered a serious cyberattack that resulted in the online publication of sensitive case files and officer’s phone numbers, home addresses and ridiculously simple passwords, Gizmodo reports that the agency has been hit again.

This time, the hackers in the AntiSec movement claim to be releasing “humiliating dirt” on a dozen officers, including Social Security numbers, online dating account information, chat logs and “seductive girlfriend pictures.” A statement from AnonymousIRC on Twitter crows “Did you think we were done with you?” and links to a torrent file page that slams DPS and Arizona’s policies on illegal immigration. It also describes “cops forwarding racist chain emails, k9 drug unit cops who use percocets, and a convicted sex offender who was part of FOP Maricopa Lodge Five.”

It goes on to say the group also compromised a DPS spokesman “who been bragging to the news about how they are upgrading their security and how they will catch the evil hackers who exposed them. Clearly not secure enough, because we owned his personal hotmail, facebook and accounts and dumped all his personal details for the world to see. The same fate will meet anyone else who tries to paint us as terrorists in an Orwellian attempt to pass more pro-censorship or racial-profiling police state laws.”

The statement also describes a Navajo former DPS officer who was “pushed out” of the force for whistleblowing a court jurisdiction violation and planning to file a racial discrimination claim against DPS.

DPS spokesman Steve Harrison, himself mentioned in this second batch of files, confirms the new attack and says the agency is reviewing the information released. If even some of the data turns out to be authentic, it’s a serious black eye for Arizona law enforcement — both for its content, and for the laughable standards of information security it represents among those charged with protecting the public.

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