William Shatner

Dr. Demento has a new album for 2018

A Dr. Demento punk album is coming for 2018, with new cover versions of punk songs! Two songs are available to stream, featuring Weird Al & William Shatner.

Phoenix Comicon: Saturday’s synopsis

This Saturday saw thousands of enthusiastic pop culture disciples descend on the Phoenix Convention Center with costumes, cameras, cash and a craving for cool...

Kirk vs. Leia

You may have attended (or wish you had attended) the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate by the NERDS meet-up group (N. iche E. nthusiasts R. eally D. oing S. tuff)...

Shat on for Phoenix Comicon

William Shatner, who warped to eternal stardom as Capt. James T. Kirk, will headline the next Phoenix Comicon this Memorial Day Weekend at the Phoenix...

Samurai Comics