Marvel Slurpee Cups (1975)

Weird World: 7-11’s Slurpee celebrates 50 years of freezing brains

When you hear the words, “that frozen concoction that helps me hang on,” a lot of people think of Jimmy Buffett’s ode to alcohol, Margaritaville; but if you ask a kid in the Valley of the Sun what that line means to them, the odds are they’re going to say it’s a Slurpee at the […]


Scych: Geek rockers of NerdvanaCon are on a fantastic journey

If you attended NerdvanaCon back in August, you know that while the heat was oppressive, the turnout was impressive. And you likely heard some great video game- and sci-fi/fantasy-inspired tunes emanating from the makeshift bandstand set up outside the OneOhOne Gallery. That was Scych, a geek rock act formerly known as Oblyvion. Comprising Scych are […]