Beyond Nerdvana: G4 morphing into GQ?

Variety has the scoop that G4 may be undergoing a rebranding early next year. As Kotaku puts it, “G4 As We Know It Is As Good As Gone.” I more or less said as much a few months back when Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler departed from the Comcast-owned network. Expect something more like GQ […]


New on DVD this week: ‘Prince of Persia,’ ‘Black Cauldron’ anniversary edition

Disney celebrates the 25th anniversary of its 25th animated feature film, The Black Cauldron, with a special edition DVD release Tuesday. It features a deleted scene and “The Witches’ Challenge Game,” a trivia contest, a still frame gallery and the classic 1952 Donald Duck cartoon “Trick Or Treat.”

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time also hits DVD, Blu-ray and download channels Tuesday, at many different price points with various features.


It’s not rocket science

An Arizona State University cosmologist who wrote The Physics of Star Trek tells The New York Times why he came around and became a fan of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory after initially rejecting it: “First, because it is funny, and continues to be. Second, because the characters have developed softer edges, and […]