Avengers: Infinity War

Stone-cold spectacular – Avengers: Infinity War spoiler-free review

One would think that as a life-long comic-book fan I would not be at a loss for words to describe how epic and exciting “Avengers: Infinity War” is, but it is beyond epic. It’s the epicest of the epic, the grandest of the grand and bigger than all the life in the universe – well, bigger than “half of all life” anyway.


The Avengers: Captain America – the history of history’s hero

1941! The world at war! And in a secret laboratory, frail Steve Rogers became the American super-soldier! For four thrilling years, he fought the Axis powers — until a freak stroke of fate threw him into suspended animation. He awoke in the mid-1960s, a man twenty years out of his time. Since that fateful day, […]