15 pop culture milestones marked in 2012

These fantastic figures and guilds of geekery have survived the test of time to become permanent fixtures in our society and their legacies continue to ripple...

Things I’ve learned today: 4/14

Nintendo is going to launch the successor to its Wii gaming console this year at the E3 show and launch it next year. Expect it to be more powerful than the...

Things I’ve learned today: 3/31 and 4/1

Jason Momoa says there’s already a sequel in the works to his upcoming remake of Conan the Barbarian. (Den of Geek) The Alwun House in Phoenix is hosting...

New trailer: ‘Conan the Barbarian’

A few days ago we got a cool motion poster for 'Conan the Barbarian' starring 'Stargate Atlantis' alumnus Jason Momoa — but how about a teaser trailer?

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