XFL Seattle Dragons

Home to D&D and Magic: The Gathering, Seattle’s new XFL team is the Dragons

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Wrestling’s Vince McMahon is rebooting the XFL, a one-season wonder American football league from 2001.

Like the first time around, at least one highlight of the XFL appears to be the team names. Back then there were the Thunderbolts, Enforcers, Hitmen, Rage, Outlaws, Xtreme, Maniax and Demons.

XFL Seattle Dragons
Seattle Dragons logo (XFL)

This time, as revealed last week, you can look forward to Renegades, Roughnecks, Wildcats, Defenders, Guardians, BattleHawks, Vipers — and Dragons, in the case of Seattle, Washington.

The names, at least, are appropriate — particularly the XFL Dragons, as Seattle suburbs are home not only to the headquarters of video game giant Nintendo of America but also to Wizards of the Coast, a now-Hasbro subsidiary that is publisher of both the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game and Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. (There be dragons.)

This is your darkest fantasy … in cleats.

XFL’s Seattle Dragons

If by some chance this masterstroke of branding synergy with the XFL Dragons was not planned with the D&D folks, they are, at least, aware of it:

The XFL, Dragons and all, will kick off in February 2020.

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