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By Adam Waltz

Superheroes are “all the rage,” especially now with the release of Avengers: Endgame

In honor of the movie’s release, the Arizona Science Center kicked up their experiments to superhuman level for their monthly Science With a Twist event for adults 21 and over.

“We are celebrating superheroes,” said Sari Custer, Vice President of Curiosity at the Arizona Science Center. “We’ve got a ton of superhero activities.”

Sari and I started with a little villainous mind control. Like a car battery, my arm was hooked up and connected to Sari’s, and through a battery-powered conductor, she was able to control my arm via electrodes. When Sari moved her arm, a surge of electricity forced me to do the same.

Then it was my turn to control a robot with the help of cybernetics. My arm was connected to a small robot, and as I expanded and contracted my arms, the arms of the robots followed suit. Think Ironman.

The next science experiment was the “Hulk Smasher” where I crushed a pool ball by using four tons of pressure. That’s 8,000 pounds of force.

And finally, I experienced life like Spider-Man with a virtual reality game where I shot webs, swung to new heights, and fought bad guys.

“Hey, that superhero-ness is all science really,” said Custer.

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