Museum Indiegogo project: Help give Tesla his due

Science, Technology

wardenclyffe towerAs you write out the check for your electricity bill this month, imagine what our world might have been like if Nikola Tesla had completed work on his Wardenclyffe Tower project that would have supplied FREE wireless electricity for the entire world. Wow, what a different place our planet would be with that endless supply of no-cost energy.

Why was this potentially Earth-shattering experiment never completed? Theory has it that the investors bailed from the project when they realized that there was no money to be made off of free electricity; that, and the potential to actually “shatter the Earth” a la the 1908 Tunguska explosion event in Russia that laid waste to over 800 square miles of forest.

Who knows what all the facts are regarding Tesla, his inventions, Victorian era politics and potential apocalyptic-scale experiments – but no one can deny that the eccentric “father of the electric age” is endlessly interesting and a unique character in American history.

You can do your part to help ensure that Nikola Tesla gets some well-deserved recognition for his contributions to our modern world by donating to an indiegogo campaign to build a Tesla Museum on the New York site of his Wardenclyffe tower. The very entertaining blog is sponsoring this project and you can see his take on Tesla here. This is your chance to be a part of helping to honor one of the coolest characters in our culture.

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