Zombie fitness regimen goes viral

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ZombieNeed some extra motivation to get off the couch and get back into shape?

The founder of a gymnastics studio in St. Charles, Ill., may have found just the thing. He’s using the concept of preparing oneself for the coming zombie apocalypse to inspire people to push themselves in ways they’ve never done before.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rich Gatz, 28, is a lawyer (speaking of flesh-eating monstrosities…) who founded the Zombiefit program using the French art of movement known as parkour, which involves getting from Point A to Point B using only your own body and the objects around you — exactly what the last remnants of humanity will have to do if caught unprepared by the dawn of the undead.

Gatz doesn’t use real zombies in his routine — or even people standing in as zombies — but uses the idea of zombie invasion to get his participants focused on achievable results. Even so, he may have created a monster. The zombie element may not have been meant to dominate, but it’s bringing hordes of enthusiasts his way.

At the end of the article, the reporter asks: “Aren’t zombies kind of slow? Why the sprints?”

And that’s how they get you. Don’t be fooled by the shuffling gait and dangling entrails, or you’ll discover the true meaning of “crunches.”

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