Zomb-ocalypse simulator!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy


“Are you ready for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse?” This is something I ask myself every single day, as I’m sure you and every other right thinking person does. If you’re not sure if you’re prepared to face the horrors of cannibalistic undead, the Zombie Outbreak Simulator at Class3Outbreak.com offers you a vital tool.

Using a GoogleMaps layout of the area, it allows users to simulate a zombie infestation in Washington D.C.  (Unfeeling creatures that used to be human, but now only want take your very lifeblood in D.C.? It’s a stretch, I know, but stick with me here.) The simulator lets you tweak a variety of factors and see how quickly the infection will spread or be contained. You can choose the percentage of the population that’s armed, initial number of zombies, the number of police around and more. Most importantly you can decide if the zombies are the traditional Romero-slow zombies, fast Boyle-Rage infected or sprinting Snyder-undead.

Using these factors you can calculate what’s most important to your own personal survival and how you should react. Do you go to ground in your house and wait for the civilian authorities to contain the problem? Do you round up some friends and weapons and find a defensible position? Or do you grab a car to escape the contaminated area? (A word of advice, even with 60% of the population armed a mere 100 fast zombies win.)

If you don’t already have a plan for World War Z, I suggest you spend some quality time running some potential outcomes on the simulator and soon. You don’t have to thank me for saving your life. Having you as a human ally instead of a hungry zombie will be thanks enough.

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