Y Day: So long, Sci Fi Channel

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nup_132198_0003Today’s the day. The Sci Fi Channel is no more, replaced in a vortex of rebranding and other media industry buzzwords with an alien entity called, simply, Syfy. The new identity launches tonight with the network’s new series Warehouse 13.

In the spirit of changing the style and ignoring the many, many problems of substance, here are a few other cable networks with accompanying suggestions for retooling their brand identities in the age of Syfy.

Cartoon Network — BuyBuy!

Comedy Central — HaHa

deadliestcatchtitlecardLifetime — Boohoo

C-SPAN — Zzzzzzz…….

Fox News — Foxee Ladies

Spike — FRAT-TV

Discovery — All Disasters, All The Time

What are your ideas?

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